We Work For You

Our team makes up a private, independently owned company based in Queens, New York. Briarwood Insurance Services Inc works for you. Our specialists earn the trust of our clients, one policy at a time. We understand how important it is to you to trust your insurance agent. Our team proudly offers commercial insurance in addition to personal auto, home, and life insurance policies, and so much more.

We’re here for you when you need us.

You will find our customer service friendly, and eager to help you around the clock. Briarwood Insurance Services Inc is there to answer your questions and to solve your problems. We are always reachable, so you can trust us to be on your side when the time comes

Our expertise is as diverse as your needs.

Briarwood Insurance Services Inc understands your diverse insurance needs. The more options you have, the better are your chances of finding the perfect coverage at the perfect price. Our resources are vast. As independent insurance contractors, our priority is you. We offer low-cost, world-class options to you by doing the shopping for you. When you call our offices, there is always a trusted, licensed agent available to you. In even the worst emergency conditions, we’re here for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals are here and ready to serve you, so contact us today!

Our Key to Success

Till the one day when the lady met this fellow and they knew it was much more than a hunch.

20Years Professional Experience
3,000 Satisfied Clients
85Awards Won

Our Professionals

Our team ranges from experts many different fields and encompassing decades of experience in the insurance areas.

Boris Borukhov
CEO/Licensed Broker
Extension: 6
Email: boris@briarwoodspirit.com

Levi Moucheev
Manager/Customer Relations
Extension: 5
Email: levi@briarwoodspirit.com

Inna Mitsel
Customer Service
Extension: 1
Email: inna@briarwoodspirit.com

Farkhod Irkakhodjaev
Customer Services
Extension: 8
Email: farkhod@briarwoodspirit.com

Jonathan Shimonov
Licensed Broker
Extension: 7
Email: jonathan@briarwoodspirit.com

Ekaterina Permyakova
Licensed Broker
Extension: 2
Email: katya@briarwoodspirit.com

Gennadiy Shimonov
Licensed Broker
Extension: 3
Email: gene@briarwoodspirit.com

What Our Client Says

Our team always strives to consistently deliver the best rates, results and customer support to all our clients.

Briarwood Insurance in Queens NY has been a insurance broker for the people. We have helped people find all type of insurance coverage for over 25 years. We specialize in commercial and business insurance queens NY. Business Insurance Queens NY, commercial Insurance Queens NY, life insurance queens ny, life insurance help ny, health insurance in queens ny